Opportunities of IT Jobs in Calicut -

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Calicut is booming in prosperity with high demand of IT field which in turn increases the opportunities of Jobs in Calicut, Kerala and several software ventures brings technology attention to Calicut. Amongst the IT establishments or software companies in Calicut, Vinam Solutions play a major role in providing the software, marketing, web design and advertising solutions in a full-fledged manner.   In continuation with the series of successful ventures in Kerala, the demand for IT field is expected to grow at a brisk pace and several software ventures increases technology advancements in Calicut increasing Jobs in Calicut. The low manpower costs, high literacy, availability of talent pool and low cost of living, grabs industrial attention to Calicut that makes the city an ideal destination for entrepreneurship and technology. A well-defined vision taking the advantage in knowledge generation and human resources development, promote the service and knowledge based industries on that basis. Growth of technology and entrepreneurship supports the economic growth of the state, which in turn supports the economic growth of the country. The established software houses of the Malabar region including the UL Cyberpark and Govt. Cyberpark new office, a new venture for creating opportunities, make the city a viable IT destination for IT enabled services. Amongst the IT establishments or software companies in Calicut, Vinam Solutions play a major role in providing the software, marketing, web design and advertising solutions in a full fledged manner. Vinam Solutions Pvt Ltd put forward an experienced marketing business platform with an aim to provide quality IT solutions, brought together by advanced technology and proven talent, to meet the needs across the world in a cost efficient manner. Indulged in providing quality solutions in major fields like software, IT strategy and consulting, digital marketing, mobile app development, content marketing, SEO, video production etc. Vinam tends to integrate technologies and business processes in a creative and intelligent manner to meet the requirements of the user. Our innovative infrastructure started all the way from 2013, open up new doors, took up challenges and drive a successful journey in a very short span of time as trust, hard work, continuity and team spirit keep defining us. Our intentions to build, experiment and explore things helped us to make our business bigger and to extend its reach to four destinations- UK, Dubai, Hilite Business Park and Cyberpark Calicut. The world has defined itself to be the Information Technology age and IT Careers have gained immense popularity over the past few years. Information Technology careers touch nearly every part including Manufacturing, Marketing, Entertainment, Education, Communication, Mass Media, Finance and much more and its sheer presence offer innumerable job openings. The upcoming ventures in software in order to provide IT solutions transform the city Calicut to a world of opportunities especially in the IT sector and it provides variety of job openings in Calicut. Vinam Solutions welcome you to create an opportunity to challenge yourself and to learn new skills, technologies and willingness to adopt these new methods to work. Vinam Jobs in Calicut invites applications from flexible, creative candidates with high intellectual capacity and innovative experience with an ability to suit the forward thinking brands. Be a part of our world of innovative experiences for forward thinking brands and receive business excellence that cope up with the recent advancements of technology.


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